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Come and check out my websites!

Jeff's English Cafe

This website is designed to assist you in your learning of English in this new course; among other things, this is where you will find your weekly reading and listening assignments as well as links to some interesting sites that will help you progress along the semester. I will also post important documents and information on this site. In short, this space will make English easier and more fun to practice. Welcome aboard!

Jeff's Economics Cafe

This cafe is intended as a meeting place for anybody interested in how our economic reality evolves; actually, this site has the ambition of enhancing our economic understanding of the world by pointing to some great material found on the web. Moreover, it proposes fresh output of information in the form of research and analysis. This site is actually the result of an urge to participate in this swarming party going on right now online called Web 2.0. Accordingly, I am working on this open-ended project with the help of around 50 collaborators (business students at FXG), who are writing articles on Economics, Finance, Management and Accounting, as well as producing financial analyses on different companies. Come, join the discussion and enjoy your stay!


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